“The beginning of Fried Curry Crab”

Fried Curry Crab is the signature dish of Somboon Seafood’s menu. It is said that if you do not eat it while at the restaurant, you might as well consider your visit to Somboon Seafood never happened. Somboon Seafood and its Fried Curry Crab are now renowned throughout Thailand and internationally, but the journey to its current level of fame has taken dedication, time, and energy. The origin of Fried Curry Crab began decades ago with Khun Pichai and Khun Chittra, the two founders of Somboon Seafood who conscientiously sought out the freshest and healthy crabs from the seas of Thailand, procured the highest quality ingredients, and innovatively cooked them together with the right proportions to create an original dish that universally delighted all with its harmonious and rich taste. Today, it is no wonder that gourmets from around the world travel to Thailand to get a taste of this now legendary dish and Somboon Seafood is included as an unmissable destination on many tour companies’ itineraries.

When you enter any Somboon Seafood location, a plate of Fried Curry Crab is waiting for you at every table. Large crabs with succulent meat fried with curry sauce, scallions, and cayenne pepper and ready to eat with fragrant jasmine rice make every customer unable to pass up this signature dish every time. Rumor has it that an ardent fan of the Fried Curry Crab craved the dish so much that he flew on a private jet from Singapore to Bangkok just to sate his desire to taste the original flavors by Somboon Seafood.

Somboon Seafood’s Fried Curry Crab has received special mention from CNN, a worldwide leader in news, in its article “World’s Greatest City: 50 Reasons why Bangkok is No. 1”. Cited as one of the reasons to visit Bangkok, the dish is deemed “Best crab curry in all Asia”. Globally, Somboon Seafood is now synonymous with its Fried Curry Crab.

For half a century, Somboon Seafood has delivered the best tastes with passion and diligence. Generation after generation, the original flavors have been preserved and Somboon Seafood will continue to honor the tradition of serving its dishes with integrity to its patrons.