Somboon Seafood – The Original Fried Curry Crab

Somboon Seafood is a seafood restaurant renowned for the unique tastes it developed over the years in its specialty dishes. Opened in 1969, this restaurant began its journey by bringing the best of Thai and Chinese flavors together in harmony to create signature dishes. Among these, The Original Fried Curry Crab is a restaurant standout that has caught the attention of global media and has been dubbed Asia’s best version of the dish. Over the years, Somboon Seafood has become a local establishment that is a must-go destination for foodies and tourists. Local and visiting figures and leaders have counted themselves among the restaurant’s patronage.

The restaurant’s recipes are its legacy after half a century of earnest cooking and experience. They are passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth to ensure succession. Currently, Somboon Seafood has eight branches, all in Bangkok to serve the numerous eager patrons in the capital.

Somboon Seafood or Somboon Pochana, with its specialty dishes with flavors unlike any other seafood establishments, opened its first branch in a humble single storey shophouse in Sam Yan area. Khun Pichai and Khun Chitra devoted themselves to building a timeless menu using only high-quality ingredients in proportions that created consummate dishes. As a result, Fried Curry Crab (Pu Pad Pong Gari) and other equally sumptuous dishes attracted gourmets and travelers to the restaurant, turning Somboon Seafood into a local institution.

Popular dishes include Deep fried seabass with sweet fishsauce, Stir fried fresh water prawns with garlic and chilli, Steamed squid with spicy lime sauce, Stir fried morning glory, and Grilled seafood. Another standout dish is the Spicy and sour soup with prawns (Tom Yum Goong), a spicy rich soup that is considered part of the Thai food culture and identity. Somboon Seafood’s Tom Yum Goong, cooked with only the best ingredients and spices, has been deemed one of Bangkok’s unmissable dishes by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Currently we only have branches in Bangkok. There are no branches in other provinces or countries.

Surawong (1990) / Bantadthong (1991) / Ratchada (1996) / Udom Suk (Bangna) (2001) / Sam Yan (2008) / Central Embassy (2014) / Siam Square One (2014) / Central World (2018)
1969 : Founding of Somboon Seafood
Somboon Seafood is founded in a single storey shophouse next to Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy in Sam Yan. This location becomes the birthplace of the restaurant’s famed Fried Curry Crab, considered original and unique. The freshness of the crab together, tastiness of the flavor combination, and the right price draws crowds to come taste this new dish phenomenon. Word of mouth quickly increases demand and Somboon Seafood expands several times to cater to growing number of local patrons.
1990 : Opening of Surawong branch
A second branch of Somboon Seafood at Surawong is opened. This branch that starts to make name for the restaurant among Japanese and international travelers.
1991 : Opening of Bantadthong branch
With the ending of the lease of the original location with Chulalongkorn University, Somboon Seafood moves the first restaurant to Soi Chula 8 Bantadthong Road, which has since grown to become one of the most popular locations to date.
1993 : Introducing Somboon Chinese
Somboon Chinese is launched on Bantadthong Road and specializes in Cantonese style cuisine. The authentic and original menu offering flavorful dishes becomes a hit among gourmets and businessmen domestically and internationally.
1996 : Opening of Ratchada branch
A new Somboon Seafood branch is opened at Ratchada, a new and growing business hub in Bangkok at the time.
2001 : Opening of Udom Suk branch
Somboon Seafood opens a new branch in Udom Suk (Bangna) to cater to the large number of Bangkokians residing in the east side of Bangkok.
2008 : Return of Sam Yan branch
The original location of the first restaurant has been developed into a new commercial building, Chamchuri Square Building. Somboon Seafood opens a new branch in Sam Yan, signifying its return to its birthplace almost 40 years later.
2014 : Celebrating 45 years of history with two new locations
Two new branches at Central Embassy and Siam Square One, both conveniently accessible by BTS Skytrain (at Ploenchit Station and Siam Station respectively), open in conjunction with Somboon Seafood completing 45 years of service to hungry patrons.
2017 : Opening of the eighth branch
In its 48th year of service, Somboon Seafood opens the CentralWorld branch and continues to maintain its originality and quality in its dishes, including the now famed Fried Curry Crab.